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Atakale, established in 2009 on a total area of 8300 m2, is a tourism establishment with the most beautiful view of Unye, where you can taste events, entertainment and delicious delicacies.  


in Atakale;  one indoor and the other a country garden  where you can organize your wedding, engagement, henna and circumcision  There are two areas.


Thanks to Atapark Children's Playground, while you enjoy the unique view and delicious food, your children both have fun and learn traffic information with our supervision.  wide  It is an entertainment center that will be indispensable with its children's playground.  And our little guests  for fun in our indoor playground in winter.  We also have a playground for them to enjoy.

With its large car park, it is a wonderful area where you can comfortably host all your family and friends, and everything has been thought of for a peaceful day.  

Our restaurant has a total capacity of 280 people and serves with two floors, one of which is the VIP Lounge.

With its smoking sections, smokers are not forgotten either.

"Enjoy here, where are you?" With its slogan, it invites you to the extraordinary Ünye landscape where blue and green meet.

We invite you to Atakale to experience this pleasure together and for a journey from the Shadow of Green to Beyond the Blue.

You can visit here for corporate information and human resources about Atakale.


You can reach us by filling out the form below to get information about all the issues that you can't find a solution to on our site, about reservations and all other details.

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