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As Atakale Cafe & Restaurant, we have listed for you our services that will be with you in every aspect of your life and that we help you to collect memories.  

Atakale, where you can find whatever you want from local tastes to entertainment, promises you everything you will need.

Country Wedding Garden

You can make your dreams come true in our Country Garden, which adorns the dreams of every bride-to-be. Everything you need for an unforgettable wedding, with its unique view and delicious tastes you can offer to your guests, is in Atakale Country Wedding Garden...

In our Country Garden, you can also organize your engagement, henna, circumcision and all your organizations in line with your needs. 

Indoor Wedding Hall

Our Indoor Wedding Hall, which you can choose for the wedding of your dreams and to provide your guests with a spacious and comfortable experience accompanied by the unique Ünye view, serves you as an indispensable area for your organizations every month of the year.  


Atapark Children's Playground

Atapark Children's Playground, which educates while having fun, promises children an unforgettable and unique entertainment. From the bucket to the motorcycle, unlimited fun is here...


Sunday breakfast

You can experience the most natural and most delicious breakfasts in the wonderful view of Atakale on Sunday breakfasts, which have become the most enjoyable habit of our lives.

Do not look at what we say as a Sunday breakfast, Atakale continues to offer you this flavor every day of the week, every hour of the day. 

VIP Lounge

Whether it's a birthday, a promise-engagement dinner, business dinner and business meetings or women's special day meetings... Atakale VIP Lounge is the only address for you to feel special with sound system, slide show equipment and professional staff and services prepared for you. 'in.

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