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It is the common dream of all couples to offer a perfect wedding to your loved ones, to get married in the wedding you dream of and to want the best of everything! We have determined all the details you will need with the aim of making these dreams come true and offering you a dream-like organization.  

As Atakale, we have taken part in the events of private and corporate organizations for years and shared their happiness and excitement. Our goal is to combine quality with our experience and to sign an invitation that will respond to your wishes, needs and expectations. For this reason, we operate with the principle of customer satisfaction and aim to leave here happily.  

You can be sure that our staff, which focuses on the individual and organizes special invitations for the person, the request and the place, performs all the services within our body completely and quickly. We are working to add happiness to your happiness with an organizational structure that can meet all the wishes and needs of the couples before, during and after the wedding.

It is your right to experience this special day that will take an important place in your lives with the difference of Atakale...


Services We Offer in Our Country Garden


Hors d'oeuvres

We have chosen for a nice and light plate for your guests and  Prepared with the Atakale flavor difference, the Hors d'oeuvre plate includes olive oil, mash, şakşuka, russian salad, cheddar cheese and feta cheese, as well as tomatoes and salads.  

On the other hand, there is a glass of water with Pepsi Coke and Yedigün on each table.  

Meat Roasting Plate

Roasted Meat Plate, which is indispensable for weddings and all organizations, includes roasted rice, chips and tomatoes.  

On the other hand, there is a glass of water with Pepsi Coke and Yedigün on each table.  

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