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With the experience of Atakale Restaurant, careful selection of all products required to offer quality, healthy and delicious meals and the quality, healthy and delicious food of these products is to be prepared in healthy and hygienic environments together with our food engineer.

To be the first and preferred brand of Ünye in the cafe and restaurant sector, with a service approach focused on customer satisfaction and hygiene rules. To meet consumer expectations at the highest level with a wide product range by providing the right quality/price ratio.


To make our customers happy in the exquisite view of Ünye by offering fresh flavors quickly and economically with the interest of your family member, and to offer these flavors to you with package service even in your surroundings.

As Atakale Restaurant, our other mission is; The expectations of our customers in the cafe and restaurant sector; Our aim is to meet our products always fresh, delicious and in accordance with the principles of hygiene, with the presentation of our qualified and friendly staff, constantly and exceedingly.



Customer Focus

We strive for an excellent service,
Our focus is on the field where our customers are served.
We act sincerely and wholeheartedly,
We attach great importance to being reliable.


Respect for Individuals

Respect and kindness to people is our priority,
We are humble,
We listen and value ideas,
We believe in continuous learning, we teach by example and by showing,
We give honest and direct feedback, support being frank,
We treat fairly.


Competitive Thinking and Action

Simplicity and simplicity are the most important part of our business,
We do the right job, at the right time, with the right and hardworking people,
Getting it right the first time is our priority,
We work efficiently
Waste is never acceptable for our company.

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