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Our Future Expectation

We aim to grow in a sustainable way beyond all borders, from the food sector to the entertainment sector, with our products and services designed and produced primarily to feed people's souls and create unique experiences...

Kayalar-of-the Balance

Our Purpose of Existence

To create unique experiences with our friendly service tradition, innovative style and unique tastes.

To bring happiness to people together with all our stakeholders, to make a difference by adding value to the society.

Parlak Fikir Ampul

Our Values

Our values are the features that carry us to where we are, that make us who we are, and that we cannot give up since our establishment.​​

  • Honesty:
    We have always stood by our promise, we never thought of cheating or cheating.


  • Reliability:
    Our honesty, sincerity and goodwill have always helped us win people's trust.


  • Diligence:
    Success is not a coincidence, no excuse is better than success!


  • Being Passionate About Our Business:
    Be good at your profession instead of looking for a good job!

  • Innovator; Being Open to Change:
    Good, good should be better, better should be best, best should be excellent!


  • Bravery:
    You have to take risks to make a difference!


  • Having Our Social Responsibilities:
    To be useful to the land we were born and raised us and to our people.


  • Adding Value to the Land of Our Birth:
    To work for the benefit of society with our material and moral strength.

Our HR Policy

We aim to grow our family with employees who have adopted the principle of "unique taste and friendly service tradition", and who believe that pleasing our guests comes first with a smile. For this purpose, our basic Human Resources policy is to raise awareness-raising employees to a higher level by keeping employees who are open to self-development and willing to learn within the Atakale Family.


Bizimle Çalışmak

Believing that customer satisfaction is achieved with friendly employees who love their job, we, as the human resources department, carefully evaluate the candidates who want to be a member of our family during the recruitment process we carry out with our branch managers.


Our priority in recruitment;

Relatives coming with the reference of our employees,

Having proven himself, having references, respecting himself and his work,

There are students who want to see their vocational internship training and work in our enterprises.




With the training programs determined for employees at various levels within Atakale, we contribute to both personal and professional development of our employees. Our priority in training our employees is professional development and occupational safety training.

Vocational Education

Our main training goal is to ensure that our employees receive vocational training for a Kitchen and Service team consisting of certified and competent masters. For this purpose, referrals are made to vocational training centers in certain periods for journeyman/mastership and master teaching.

Hygiene Trainings

We believe that the importance we attach to the naturalness and quality of the flavors we offer, as part of our business, is a whole with the quality of service. For this reason, we maintain our sensitivity on food safety by requiring all our employees to take "Hygiene and Sanitation" training before starting work, and then with in-house trainings.


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