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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is this Atakale?
    Atakele Cafe & Restaurant, with its magnificent Black Sea view, offers you and your loved ones the most delicious food of Ünye, stands by you in your wedding, engagement, henna night, circumcision and many other organizations, and has the only Atapark Playground in Ünye for children. It is an entertainment center.
  • What's new on Atakale website?
    We have renewed our Atakale website in order to serve you more effectively in today's conditions. You can see many innovations as you browse our website, but our most important innovation is now you can place your orders. You can see the menu while in our restaurant from our website, and Online Order.
  • What are the terms of use of
    You can visit Legal Texts page to get information about your rights that will make it easier for you to receive service from our website.< /p>
  • I have a different question.
    You can send a message to our representative, who will answer all your questions and problems sincerely, using the link here, or you can reach us at +90 452 333 0 999.
  • Can I order food?
    Of course... Now you can order quickly and easily from our website. Basic things you need to know before ordering; 1. Being in the order delivery area, 2. Including a main course in the content of your order,
  • How can I order?
    It is very simple to place an order at After creating a profile on the Online Order page and entering the address and other requested information correctly, quickly add the product you want to your cart and complete your order. That's it. If you have a problem on this matter, you can quickly find a solution with our customer representative from the Order Support section.
  • Is there a pick-up service?
    Of course. After you create your order in the Online Order section, if you select the Pass-Through option, the order will not be sent out and you can come and collect it yourself from the restaurant.
  • What is Pass-Through (Come-Take)?
    If you want to come to Atakale and pick up your order yourself, you can select the "Don't Take Pass" option.
  • I want to delete the product in my cart.
    Click the "X" next to the product you want to delete. The product will be deleted from your cart. If you want to empty the entire basket, simply click on “Empty Basket” at the bottom of the basket.
  • I want to change the quantity of the product in my cart.
    Click the “+” or “—” sign next to the product whose quantity you want to change.
  • How can I see the details of an order I placed?
    To be added
  • How can I cancel an order I placed?
    To be added.
  • I would like to receive information about the Country Garden or the Indoor Wedding Hall.
    Wedding, engagement, circumcision, henna...
  • I would like to receive information about the collective catering organization.
    You can organize catering events with your family or loved ones in Atakale. For this, you can use the Reservation tool on the Home Page.
  • I would like to receive information about special occasions and celebration meals.
    Your birthday, marriage proposal or anniversaries... We are preparing for you and all you have to do is enjoy the moment.
  • Do you have a playground for children?
    Sure. While you enjoy a supernatural view and delicious tastes, we have a playground built on a large area, two of which are indoor and one outdoor.
  • Are the kids alone in the park?
    No. Your children are having fun in the company of their elder sisters, and you can watch your children live with a tablet if you wish from the security camera.
  • What toys are there?
    Atapark Outdoor Playground has a survivor track, swings and slides, as well as a trampoline (jump). In addition to these, our children can experience the fun to the fullest with motorcycles and 4-axis dozers (scoops) accompanied by traffic signs, which are their favorite toys.
  • Is the playground free?
    Only motorcycles and dozers (scoops) are paid in Atapark Outdoor Playground. You can learn about the duration and fees from our staff and you can get information about the tickets.
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